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Guild : Legends

Lvl : 10

Leader : JoKeR2002

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How to start the game

Read first PTO Game Rules
In the world of PTO, there are five characters for you to choose from. You may choose Wizard, Monk, Fairy, Tamer, or Assassin.
First of all, you need to give a name to the character you create. (Do not use character name including "OWNER", "ADMIN", "GM" or member of PTO_Staff or similar, check our Game Rules)You can choose different face styles and hair styles you like to make your character look cool and unique from other players. You can create three characters at most under one account. If you want to try more characters you need to register a new account. Choose the character you created, and then you can enter the server through this character and begin your adventure.

About hotkeys
C = attribute : (character's information)
I = item : (character's items)
M = map : (map interface)
S = skill : (different skills of both Weapon and Assistant Talisman)
T = quest : (details of unfinished quests)
F = community : (friends and others)
Enter = chat : (chat bar)
ESC = system : (system mode)

1-0 are hotkeys of some skills, acts and useful things.

About playing the game
All items in Shop are FREE ( Aidiance, Gem, Medicine, Equipment, Pet, Mount and Special items).
Starting place: Green Scarp
How to level Fast:
a. Buy Exp Card @ Shop (50% Exp and energy from killing monster)
b. Use Exp Booster (free @ your item bag) to gain Exp during killing mobs or attacking the Stick Trainer

How to Teleport to Stone City:
a. Use Stone City Return Charm (Required player Level 20)
b. Use Mount, then Click "M" scroll maps then click Stone City, right click to auto-patch to the desire destination.
c. Use Teleport Fay (to Sky village level 5, then Sky to Stone required level 25)

How to Level Soul: (High Soul level gives you more HP.
a. Use Soul Exp Fruit (Can be Looted in PTO Village,Jackpot Cave & Astig na Bundok)
b. Join Competition Arena. (Protect Ascetic Master Ku)

How to Upgrade Weapon, Set Gear & Mount to +20:
NPC: Blacksmith (combine)
Needed: Mount and Weapon, Small, Medium & Large Emerald (@ Shop/Gem) For Set Gear Use Small,Medium & Large Ruby. (You can use Small,Medium,Large Stone & Lucky Heart to add succes rate.

How to identify:
NPC: Blacksmith (Idenity)
Needed: Items you want to identify then Gem (@Shop/gem)
(some original attributes are not activated which means these related values can not be added to you even if you are equipped these equipments. So we need to Identify these items to activate these attributes.)

How to Make Soul Infusion:
NPC: Ascetic Fuhu
Needed: Talisman, Defense Gear & Nimbus & Soul Quarts (@Shop/Gem page 2)
All items after Soul Infusion are bound, which means they can no longer be transferred to others through trade, auction, stall or mail.But they can still be combined.

How to Make Signature: (For Defence Gear Ring and Amulet Additional +10 Vit)
NPC: Ascetic Fuhu
Needed: Defence Gear/Ring/Amulet

How to Establish a Guild?
NPC : Guild Admin (Stone City and Sky Village)
Needed: Player of level 30 or above; pay 50 Gold as application

Important Required Items for Quest:

Competition Points: (PVP Pill) Drops @ Dark Stone, Thunder Ridge, Donator Cave, Atlantis Cave, and PTO Paradise. Competition Points require to buy items. @ NPC PTO Weapon, Assist and PTO New PVP Shop @ Stone City

Gold Egg: Drops @ PTO Village, Jackpot Cave, Donator Cave, Atlantis Cave, PTO Paradise, Ancient Catacomb and Astig Na Bundok. Gold Egg require to buy Purple DS for Non-Donate Weapon and Talisman Sun and Moon DS @ NPC Kratos @ Stone City.

White Egg: Drops @ PTO Village, Jackpot Cave, Donator Cave, Atlantis Cave, PTO Paradise, Ancient Catacomb and Astig Na Bundok. Gold Egg require to buy Purple DS for Non-Donate Defense Gear @ NPC Kratos @ Stone City.

Piso: Drops @ Astig Bosses in PTO Village, Astig na Bundok or through Donation. Piso require to upgrade your Weapon and Assist Talisman of Sun and Moon to "Astig" @ NPC Astigidon in Stone City.

Event Points: Drops @ PTO Village Only. Use it to buy lots of items like, Lor and God Buff, 300k Pots, Thunder Buff, Ring's and Amulet's, @ NPC Zues, Kytos and Perseus @ Stone City.

Dota Points : Can earn by joining Competition Arena PTO Dota (More info's here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.227525170705796.27437.129132880545026&type=1). Use it to buy Special items like Pet Skill Book (damage Increase, damage absorb, bash), Accesories and Astig Weapons.

Race Points: Can earn by joining PTO Race Event. (More info's here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.233261950132118.1073741826.129132880545026&type=1). Use it to buy Special Items like, Magic Box, Fast (speedy) and Astig Talisman Sun and Moon.

Vote Points: You will Earn 10 Vote Points and 0.5 Gift Points for every successful Vote.
Vote Points will automatically sent to your mail in game. (Log in to our website, in Account Panel/Account Option/Vote, select character then submit, type the code correctly then click yes. Exchange you VP to Special Items such as, Carol Pills, PVP Pill (Competition Points), Event Points, PTO Lotto 1,2 & 3, Accesories DS, Little Wood Pet, PTO Lotto Bag, Helm and Earing DS (Perseus Helm DS & Kratos Earing DS)

Gift Points: By Purchasing Donate Items you will earn 50% of the price of items that you will buy or You can also earn Gift Points buy joining Owner's Event (Giving you the "Gift Codes" where GM posts 23 letters/numbers. Buy Special items using Gift points @ Shop (website) / Gift Items such as Saint Ring & amulet, Purge Crystal, Carol Pill of All x99, VIP Pills x 99, Chibi Form (perm) & DS Set Gear

Maps & Caves:
Stone City PK Arena - NPC PTO PK Arena @ Stone City
Sky Village PK Arena - NPC PTO PK Arena @ Stone City
Blood Palace -
PTO Village - Transport to Star Town/ click PTO Village NPC to transport.
Donator Cave, Atlantis Cave, PTO Paradise - Use Donator Cave (buy @ Shop/Special)
Dark Stone, Thunder Ridge - NPC Ghost Flame @ Stone City (enter to Dark Stone then leave to Thunder Ridge )
Jackpot Cave - NPC Mang Galor @ Stone City
Astig na Bundok - NPC Mang Gugubat @ Stone City


Always visit/read News here @ PTO Website or PTO Official Facebook FanPage ( https://www.facebook.com/PinoyTalismanOnline) to be updated for some changes may implement in game.
x100 Piso (bound)
x200 Piso (bound)
Mirana Tiger +20(bound)
Dragon King (Mount)(bound)
Kinton Cloud(bound)
Wukongs Cloud(bound)
Black Dragon(bound)
Black Horse(bound)
Astig Points x100 (bound)
Astig Points x200 (bound)
Astig Blue Lightning Sword(bound)
Flame Bear(bound)
Heaven Flame Sword(bound)
Skull Rapier(bound)
Gorilla (Mount)(bound)
Giant Bee (Mount)(bound)
Sacred Pegasus (Mount)(bound)
Scorpion (Mount)(bound)
Wizard Male Wings(bound)
Monk Wings(bound)
Fairy Wings(bound)
Assassin Wings(bound)
Tamer Wings(bound)
Wizard Female Wings(bound)
Azure Flame Phoenix (Mount)(bound)
Gryphon (Mount)(bound)
Manticore (Mount)(bound)
Metalic T-rex (Mount)(bound)
Blood Ghost(bound)
WPP 7D (bound)
WPP 30D (bound)
West-Point Token (bound)
Wedding Ring (bound)
Hide or Display Equipment