Wartime : Sat 18:00

Guild : KingdomOfDevils

Lvl : 5

Leader : Devilskid

Guild Members

Aug 19, 2018 00:42:31








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1. Do not trust anyone, Do not share your accounts or important items to other player/s. It is your responsibility to protect your account information and items in game. We are not accepting report that he/she being hacked/scammed because of sharing account/items, we are not responsible also for the item recovery. (We will not provide any support regarding this issue.)

2. Do not exploit bugs with the intention of giving any player(s) either an advantage or disadvantage over any other player(s), harming the game economy, or otherwise disrupting the game. (If you find bug, report it emediately to Admins through yahoo mail with attached SS or Video as a proof/evidence.)
Ban Account Permanent - Player/s caught by Admin or Owner using bug/items.

3.Do not trade PTO accounts/items to other online games. Or in other online games trade to PTO accounts/items. And we are not accepting report of being scammed or hacked by trading other online games, we are not responsible also for the item recovery. (We will not provide any support regarding this issue.) Selling items (except donate items) using real money or mobile load is not prohibited, But we are not responsible for any scam issue, do so at your own risk.
Ban Account (Permanent)

For Account that has Donate Items Selling or trading to other online games in game will be ban permanent - reported by other player/s with attached SS/Video as a proof/evidence or seen by GM

4. Do not discuss other games or advertise other games in game or in PTO Official Fan Page
Permanent Ban account - In Game
Delete Comments or Ban User - In PTO Official Fan Page

5. Respect the OWNERs, ADMINs, GMs and their decisions. This does not mean you have to love, or even like, individual OWNERs, ADMINs, GMs . Nor does it mean you have to agree with their decisions. However, it does mean you have to respect their positions and their right to make those decisions.
Ban Account (Permanent)
Normal Player/s or iether Donator's will not be tolerated. If you showed un respectful to owner/staff in game or in ymail/FB Fanpage will be automatic Ban Account Permanent.

6. Do not use GM in any transaction within the game that are not true, or use the name of GM in any players argue, If you have seen a player that is doing that report it immediately to our yahoo mail [email protected] with attached SS or Video as a proof. Penalties:Ban Account (permanent)

7. Do not make false claims to be a OWNER, ADMIN, GM or member of PTO_Staff.
Never say you're OWNER, ADMIN, GM or member of PTO_Staff unless you actually are.
This includes logging in with a character name including "OWNER", "ADMIN", "GM" or member of PTO_Staff or similar.If you seen Player/s in game that has logging in with that character name, please report it emediately to Admins through yahoo mail with attached SS or Video as a proof/evidence.) Once you have been hacked/scamed by fake Owner/Admin/GM, we will not provide any support regarding that issue.
Penalties:Ban Account (Permanent)

PTO reserves the right to modify this Rules WITHOUT the prior notice or consent of any other party.

Safety Tips. Protect your username and password from fake Pinoy Talisman Online Owner or Website that encourage you to join events. PTO Events will be posted here http://www.pinoytalismanonline.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/PinoyTalismanOnline Real Owner / Admin never ask your password, so be Safe and have fun.
Saint Ring
Saint Amulet
VIP Golden Light Pill x99
VIP Apothecary Pill x99
VIP Blue Light Pill x99
VIP Volcanic Pill x99
Carol Pill of All x99
Chibi Wizard (Perm)(bound)
Chibi Assassin (Perm)(bound)
Chibi Monk (Perm)(bound)
Chibi Fairy (Perm)(bound)
Chibi Tamer (Perm)(bound)
Chibi Wizard Female (Perm)(bound)
Mystic DS (Wizard Set Gear)(bound)
ShineGuard DS (Monk Set Gear)(bound)
Teragrace DS (Fairy Set Gear)(bound)
Forcium DS (Assassin Set Gear)(bound)
Osmium DS (Tamer Set Gear)(bound)
Purge Crystal
Little Dolphin(bound)
Thorn Rapier(bound)
Ice Floater (Mount)(bound)
Earth Floater (Mount)(bound)
Jade Deer (Mount)(bound)
Mahout (Mount)(bound)
Sand Gourd (Mount)(bound)
Winged Rapier (Mount)(bound)
Dark Knight Ray (Mount)(bound)
Black Turtle (Mount)(bound)
Wind Floater (Mount)(bound)
Pumpkin (Mount)(bound)
Fire Phoenix (Pet)(bound)
Ice Beast (Pet)(bound)
Tee Radio